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Technology Partnerz is a trusted partner for developping, implementing and getting value from the the DecisionTools Suite - a complete risk analysis for Excel that includes decision tree analysis and advanced statistical tools.



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Risk Analysis & @RISK  White Papers

Please find a collection of useful and important whitepapers on various topics surrounding risk analysis. You can download the complete list of white papers and @RISK software in our Downloads Section

Monte Carlo Simulation for Schedule Risks This paper discussed the development of a probabilistic model to assist in estimating lower and upper duration estimates required in the preparation of a schedule risk analysis using Monte Carlo simulation. The model was tested in 14 projects.Download
Project Cost Risk Analysis: The Risk Driver Approach Prioritizing Project Risks and Evaluating Risk Responses This presentation outlines limitations of the traditional three-point estimate approach to quantitative risk analysis. The authors introduce the Risk Driver method to cost risk analysis in projects. Download
Risk Analysis and ContingencyAuthors: Dr. Kenneth K. Humphreys, PE CCE; AACE International Recommended Practice No. 41R-08, June 25, 2008Download
Staged Investment Portfolio with @RISKPresentation outlining how to build a staged investment model using conditional NPV using Excel and @RISKDownload
Unknown Unknowns in Project Probabilistic Cost and Schedule Risk Models Practitioners recognise a requirement to consider unknown unknowns in project risk management. Same time, clear and consistent recommendations on incorporating of unknown unknowns into risk models have yet to be proposed. Download
Using Decision Analysis to Explore Cable Television Delivery This paper demonstrates the efficacy of decision analysis using PrecisionTree in determining the most efficient strategy for installing cable television in the residence halls of Bucknell University.Download
Using Simulation to Support The Reinsurance Decision of a Medical Stop-Loss Provider This article illustrates how simulation modeling can be employed to support the reinsurance decision of a medical insurer. We do this in the context of a simplified but realistic example, where a medical insurer is evaluating a request for proposal.Download