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Are you asking the right questions?
Whether you are a businessman or a practicing professionals such as an attorney, a doctor or a consultant, the ability to ask the right questions is imperative along with the ability to capture the information that is important when an answer is provided. Sometimes knowing where to start is the toughest aspect of solving a problem. Usually a sound approach is breaking out complex problems into smaller more manageable components; as the old adage goes “Do you know how to eat an elephant? One bite at a time!” Check out how to break-down tough problems by following the simple 5W question framework.

Perceptions and popularity of analytics technologies over time
While doing some market analysis, we decided to take a look at how search terms were being used in Google around the world as they related to advanced analytics technologies. We picked five terms to compare over five years: risk analysis, big data, machine learning, Monte Carlo method, and forecasting. We then proceeded to download the data and apply some quick and dirty forecasting to see what would happen to the popularity of the search terms overtime.